Immersion Gray – Glass Lampe

With the Berger lamp with Catalysis Immersion Verte, the designer Rozenn Mainguené tells us about a nature that exposes itself, a nature that explodes. It displays its strength in a thick glass and an oval shape that ensures a perfect balance. It affirms its naturalness in a flamboyant hue, an invigorating green. It claims the movement in a waveplay that unfolds to infinity, and displays its elegance in a silver metal ball mount. With this perfume diffuser, the designer invites us to a journey in the heart of a nature uninhibited, fulfilled, guided by the unique technical know-how of Maison Berger Paris. The advice of the master perfumer All the enthusiasm of the Lamp Berger Catalysis Immersion Verte is also found in its scabbard with a decor where the profusion of foliage disputes the tonic colors.



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