Lychee Paradise

It is the story of a complex landscape where the rough trees compete with the lightness of the foliage, where the generous nature flows with its dew, its cascades of freshness and all the fruits that the Earth carries within it . It’s a story of contrast, a rebound story. It all begins with a bit of impertinence, while the green apple immediately catches the eye, reinforced by splashes of water. Then comes a bouquet of flowers; they are white, and blend harmoniously with the rose. They welcome with all their lightness the no less delicate fragrance of litchi, small fruit juicy and sweet, whose generous water is hardly jostled by some marine notes. Finally, for even more luxuriance, the enveloping scent of coconut stained peach. Tamed by the Middle Kingdom two millennia ago, and favorite fruit of the Imperial favorite, it is at the same time to its origins and its appearance that it owes its nickname of “cherry of China”. Lychee has always been praised for its delicacy, its rare aroma reminiscent of a very juicy grape and its high vitamin C. In perfumery, it is used mainly in female perfumes, appreciated by its mild flavor, aqueous and all its subtleties.

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