Octopus Pendant with 16″ Chain

Aqua Viva Seaside Aqua Pendant with 16″ Chain by John Medeiros Jewelry Collections

John Medeiros is an established name in the business of handcrafted jewelry. He believes high quality, handmade, intricate, and long-lasting jewelry is for everyone’s pleasure.

The pendant is made of rhodium with a touch of gold and comes with a 16″ chain. An octopus is diverse in meaning, may it be symbolic or spiritual. It is considered as one of the most enthralling animals on the planet. The symbolic representation of an octopus depicts a wide array of exceptional characteristics.

For one, an octopus is said to be strong and powerful. Its tentacles, which are believed to be spiral, are regarded as a positive symbol representing growth. They are known to be as one of the most brilliant creatures in the water world. Therefore, it is a symbol for intelligence, reason, and logic. The eight tentacles of this creature symbolize balance in life, love, and career. The water representation of an octopus means adaptability and flexibility.

The versatile appeal of this octopus pendant suits your style in a lot of ways. It would be an added accent your everyday look.

All products are made with lead-free, premium alloy that are strong and lightweight. Buy a handcrafted John Medeiros Octopus Pendant Necklace today to complement your personal style.



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