Sand and Shell II

Artist/Designer Mark John Malizia is a self-taught sheet metal sculptor who has lived by the Atlantic Ocean in Fort Pierce, Florida since 1986. As a young man, Mark lived and worked in Indonesia for several years. It was there that Mark first became interested in the artists and craftspeople of the region and in particular on the enchanted island of Bali. This period of Mark’s life witnessed the start of what would become a 30-year journey of both creative and cultural appreciation of the Balinese people. Together with his close Balinese friend Professor Frans Brata, Mark established a studio amongst the magnificent terraced rice fields of central Bali. There, overlooking the great expanse of the Indian Ocean, Balinese crafts men and women exclusively re-create Mark’s unique designs.

With a strong emphasis on detail, Mark has strived to have his 3 dimensional metal sculptures closely mimic the beauty found in the natural world. His love of the sea and the coast are apparent in many of his works. His two tropical experiences, half a world apart, help inspire many of the flora and fauna designs found in his Copper Art line. His stainless steel ‘Palasari Palms’ piece is named after his friend’s home village and the coconut farm which his father established there over 60 years ago. 

Besides the unique dimensional qualities of his work, Mark’s creations are interesting as a result of the fine detail paid to the surface finishes integral to each design. These hand-brushed finishes make every piece appear different, not just in shifting light but also when viewed from various angles. They literally ‘change’ as the viewer moves across a room. 

Mark continues to create a new and unique work from his dual studios in Bali and Florida.


Dimensions: 37″ x 33″ x 4″



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