Sandpipers (3) Single, Posed

Bovano of Cheshire is a Glass Enamel Sculpture design and production studio located in Cheshire, CT. Since its start in 1952, Bovano has become the world’s leader in hand-crafted enameled sculptures. Three generation family owned and operated and are committed to making quality products made in the USA. For 65 years Bovano of Cheshire have focused on producing great products made with great customer support to make sure you are satisfied with your sculpture. In a delicate process, each piece is powder coated by hand adding layer upon layer. Once the sculpture has been dusted with the powdered glass it is transferred to the kiln which heats the sculpture at 1600 degrees fusing the glass to the copper.¬†Today, at the start of the new millennium, Bovano artisans continue to use many of the techniques developed from the early days of the company. Combining modern technology and old world craftsmanship, highly skilled Bovano artisans continue creating quality sculptures using the knowledge through decades of experience.

This piece measures 22″w x 9″h.



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